କବି ରଘୁନାଥ ଦାସ

Sri Raghunath Das

Sri Raghunath Das (1919-1984) was a lawyer with Orissa High Court, by profession, and a writer, by passion. He was a leftist thinker who wrote in Oriya and English. From Enclyoclopedia of Indian Literature: "Raghunath Das advocated internationalism based on Marxist humanism in Sangalich (1948), Padadhvani (1950) and Ame Janasadharana (1952). His poems of seventies upheld Upanishadic humanism...”

In Oriya, he wrote mostly under the penname of "Jataayu". This is the online version of his compiled works: "Raghunath Das Rachana Samagra" that was published in 2002. A collection of his English essays that were published in various journals are compiled here.

He was also the Law Reporter of Orissa High Court and wrote numerous law books for law students and practitioners.

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